Good Government

  • Sam will work to end the culture of corruption in Harrisburg.


 •  Sam has pledged to reject all corporate PAC donations. 

 •  Sam will fight to end gerrymandering, and supports a citizen-led redistricting commission, so that voters choose their representatives and representatives don't choose their voters. 

 • Sam will fight to stop per diem abuse by members of the general assembly, and will not accept any per diems without documenting expenses. 

 •  Sam supports legalizing and taxing cannabis, and using the funds to support public education and eliminate property taxes. 

 •  Sam promises to not accept a state pension, even if he serves long enough to qualify. 

 •  Sam will donate 18% of his salary to veterans support organizations. 



  •  Sam is a proud union worker, and has spent the past 5 years working at AK Steel Holdings in Butler, and previously worked as a mail handler at the US Postal Service. 

• Sam will fight tirelessly on behalf of working families, and will fight to defend the right of workers to collectively bargain. 

  •   Sam will fight against any attempts to undermine unions, including "right to work" legislation and paycheck "protection" legislation. 


2nd Amendment

  •  Sam is a proud gun owner and hunter. 

 and respects our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. 

  •  Sam believes that the right to defend oneself and one's property is a sacred right. 

   •  Sam will fight against any attempts to ban firearms based on frivolous classifications. 

  •  Sam will fight against any attempted gun control measures, and will work to ensure that Pennsylvanians have quick and easy access to commercial gun sales while maintaining the rule of law by improving our existing system of background checks. 

  •  Sam will work to allow hunting on Sundays. 

vote sam doctor | Hd 11 | May 21, 2019